Hulu Account

An Introduction to Hulu

Hulu is a portal that runs a dedicated streaming service for its viewers. You will find your latest TV shows, Trending Videos, Short Movies, Movies all under one platform ie., Hulu. And you cannot miss the freshly created Hulu original content. Not only that the streaming service is becoming an essential part of American households. This is because the portal has something for each member of the family.

Despite the factor of age and generation gap the portal caters to the needs of each and every member of the family. Not only that with a Hulu Account you can also subscribe for different Add-ons, like Live TV, Disney, HBO, ESPN, Cinemax, and many more. And all of these comes in very affordable tariffs. Read more about your Account below.

 Hulu Account

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What is a Hulu Account?

Your Hulu Account is your separate Identity that distinguishes your information from others. Your Hulu Account is basically your key to the world of the wide streaming library. Under your Account, you are allowed to create a different profile that also segregates the information for all users that collectively use the particular Hulu Account. Your Account is protected by a password that will restrict unauthorized use of your account. 

Not only this your very own Hulu Account will help you in a lot of ways. It can manage the stuff that you have watched, or it can keep track of the kind of genres that you usually prefer. You can manage your subscription through here and also get notified about new add-ons. Under your Account, you also have the option to keep yourself notified when your subscription is due. Since your account is protected via a password, the payment details that you provide will also be protected. 

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Getting a Hulu Account

To start your Hulu experience, you need to get your Hulu Account created. For this, all you are required is, to follow the step-by-step procedure below. 

  1. You need to begin by starting your computer device and ensuring network connectivity. 
  2. Next, opt for a web browser and then, in its address bar, type “”. 
  3. The above-mentioned site is the official site for Hulu Account login and creation. 
  4. On the Home page of this site, you need to trace the “Start Your Free Trial” icon and then, click on it. 
  5. This lands you on the page containing the subscription plans that you need to opt for your Hulu Account. 
  6. With each new Hulu Account, Hulu offers a certain time of a free trial period. Your subscription plan is the deciding factor for the period of the trial period you will get. 
  7. Choose the plan as per your suitability, and later, tap on the “Select” icon. 
  8. You will then be taken to the application form, for Hulu Account enrolling. In this form, you are asked for the following details.
    1. Email – Mention a valid Email address, this address will be linked to your account. 
    2. Password – You have to create a new password here, which is at least 6 characters long. 
    3. Name – Provide your Full name here. 
    4. Birthday – Using the Drop Down List, enter your Date of birth in the month, date and year format. 
    5. Gender – Provide your gender using the Drop-down list. 
  9. When you have provided for all these details correctly, then tap on the “Submit” icon. 
  10. The window appearing on your screen requires you to furnish your payment details. Here, you have the option to choose any of the methods for payment. 
  11.  However, you need not be worried as this process is done just for authentication of your account. You will get your free trial period for sure. 
  12.  On entering the details correctly, you have to allow a deduction of $1. The process is done to verify your Hulu Account. You will get this money back as a refund. 
  13.  With the completion of the above steps, your Hulu Account creation is done. 

The account creation process gives you access to a Account of your own. Here you can experience the following features. However, for enjoying the Streaming service on your device you need to log in. Know more about Hulu Login here.