Hulu Plus Login 

Description Of Hulu Plus

Hulu is the best streaming service that is not only popular but also a cheaper source of entertainment. Hulu application and its subscriptions are only available in the U.S.A and Japan. It consists of a variety of subscription bundles that fulfill each and every customer’s needs. If you are fond of the latest movies, web shows, it is a great platform for you. Not only, you can access the Hulu streaming library but its premium plans also offer Live television shows. Using Hulu, you can watch all the TV and live events on your mobile device with ease. 

For Hulu Plus Login, follow the given guide.

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Hulu Plus Feature Add-ons

You can add exclusive features to your Hulu subscriptions in order to enhance your experience. Here is the list of Add-ons feature that you can enable whenever you want once you have purchased it. 

Unlimited Screens Add-on: Under Hulu subscriptions, you can stream any video content on only two screens at one point. It simply means that the Hulu members can watch the shows on two different devices by purchasing one subscription. But you also have the option to convert 2 screens into unlimited by buying this add-on feature which costs only $9.99 per month.

Enhance Cloud DVD Add-on: If you have subscribed to live TV Hulu plan, you have only 50 hours of storage to record live shows and other events. But there is a way to extend the storage for up to 200 hours. For this, you are required to purchase this add-on feature by making a payment of $9.99 per month. 

Add Both: As per your preference, if you want to enable both the features i.e unlimited screens and 200 hours storage on your Hulu subscription, you have to buy it for $14.98 per month.

Why to make a Hulu Account?

It is mandatory to create a Hulu account for performing the below-mentioned activities. Also, account registration is a must for Hulu Plus login. 

  1. First of all, you should have a Hulu account for buying any Hulu basic or premium plan. Without an account, you can’t either stream a free trial or subscription. 
  2. To get the latest information and updates of Hulu’s new subscriptions. 
  3. You need a Hulu account to handle your purchases, view billing history, etc. 
  4. By forming a Hulu account, you can reactivate your subscription at the end of every month. 
  5. If you have purchased the Live TV plan, you need to set up your home network where you can see the Live shows. For this, you must have a Hulu account. 

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Register for a Hulu account

Start an online browser and visit the Hulu Plus login web page. In order to do so, type in the address bar. As you are a new member of Hulu, you can experience the free trial. So, click Start Your Free Trial link and you will be urged to select a Hulu subscription as per your choice. Once selected, enter the given details- Full name, Email Address, Birthdate, Passphrase, Gender, etc. To proceed for the next stage, click continue. This will present a new window on your device asking you to enter your Billing data. After choosing and entering your payment information, click on the Submit button. 

 Proceed now for Hulu Plus login. 

How to conduct the Hulu Plus Login process on Mobile? 

Upon creation of a Hulu account, you can view the available content of Hulu on mobile. But for streaming, it is mandatory to sign in to your account. It is a simple and easy process that is provided to you here. Make sure that must have downloaded the Hulu app on your device. 

  1. Search the application on your preferred device. Then, launch it. 
  2. By doing so, another window of the Hulu application will be displayed on your device screen stating- Welcome. 
  3. Here, you have to find the “Log In” option firstly, Once you get it, tap on it. 
  4. In the next stage, you are required to tap on “Log in with Hulu”. 
  5. This will show you the credentials window. As you provided an email address and password at the time of registration, you are expected to enter the same login details. 
  6. After submitting the details into their respective fields, click “Log In” and get started to play Hulu videos. 

So, this successfully completes the Hulu Plus Login procedure.